48th Baltic Nations
13 - 15th May 2011
Warsaw, Poland



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Word of Thanks 18.08.11

Dear Friends!

We would like to address you with word of thanks for your active participation in this year’s Baltic Nations Kommers. Examination period at Polish universities, beginning of summer holidays and a number of things which needed to be done and taken care of after the Kommers came to an end are the reason why we provide you with this farewell message three months after official closure of the event.

As organizers of the first edition of the Kommers which was held in Poland, we are proud to have been given the priviledge of and opportunity of organizing this event of great importance to all members of fraternities and sororities from Baltic states. Our meeting in Warsaw proved very successful which was confirmed by its positive reception from partakers of the festivity. Preparation of the Kommers was a great challenge. Nonetheless, we believe we managed to cope with it and hope each and every one of you would join us in sharing this viewpoint.

Official website of this year’s edition of the Kommers includes information you might still find interesting and informative:

Next edition of the festivity is to be held in Munich, Germany from May 18 to 20, 2012. Detailed information provided by its organizers might be found here or here.

With best regards and hope of seeing you again in the future,
Paweł Wilski
Head of the Organizing Committee

Book "Polish Baltic Fraternities before 1918" 13.05.11

Book "Polish Baltic Fraternities before 1918" written by Arkadiusz Janicki and Michal Laszczkowski has been published by Academic Tradition Society. It has been translated into five languages, i.e. into Polish, English, German, Latvian and Estonian. Publication additionally includes pictures presenting coats of arts of Polish sororities Polonia, Arkonia and Welecja. Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cultural Department of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage provided financial support needed to have the book published.

Book will be available to all participants of this year's edition of the Baltic Nations Kommers at the registration office as well as during Ceremonial Meeting held at the Royal Castle.

Big Day is coming 11.05.11

After months of planning, hundreds of calls and plenty of coffee drunk, we as organizers are happily finishing our job. The 48th Baltic Nations Kommers is finally going to happen. We have updated the event schedule. You can also find there a map of Warsaw with event's places marked on it.

For those who can not come we have a surprise – thanks to the Oko i Ucho production collective the Ceremonial Meeting shall be transmitted live over the internet. Please visit our website or lubie.tv to watch it, around the time of the Ceremonial Meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw – it's only two days to go!

Constitution of May 3, 1791 3.05.11

Today, on the 220th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of May 3, 1791, the first European national constitution, we are pleased to inform you that President of the Republic of Poland Mr Bronislaw Komorowski will be the Honorary Patron of the 48th Baltic Nations Kommers.

Jan Matejko, Adoption of the Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791.

The painting depicts King Stanislaus Augustus together with members of the Grand Sejm and inhabitants of Warsaw entering St John's Cathedral in order to swear in the new national constitution just after it had been adopted by the Grand Sejm in the Royal Castle visible in the background.

1926's Coup d'Etat 27.04.11

As the Big Event is coming, we would like to proudly present another event partner - PTC Polymer Trade Center, who decided to participate in organisation of 48th Baltic Nations Kommers. We are very thankful to that company for their contribution.

We would also like to briefly present the historical background of a major event in polish history, which we will commemorate during 48th Baltic Nations Kommers:

In May 1926, widely acclaimed for his contribution to Poland's regaining its independence in 1918, Jozef Pilsudski carried out the May Coup d'État, overthrew the government and took over the de facto control of the state. Members of most of the Warsaw corporations recognized their duty in protecting the legal Constitution of the Second Republic of Poland as a warrant of Poland's righteousness. In spite of the fact not all fellows opposed Pilsudski's vision, they all agreed to protect the legal government and president by active participation in the fights.
Nearly 150 corporants took part in the military protest against Mr Pilsudski's dictatorship with five having died:

  • Jerzy Bialy, corp! Arkonia
  • Andrzej Glinski, corp! Sarmatia
  • Karol Levittoux, corp! Chrobacja
  • Adam Malinowski, corp! Arkonia
  • Szczepan Olchowicz, corp! Jagiellonia

Adam Malinowski, the then vice president of corp! Arkonia, opponent of the idea of active military participation in the protest, became a truly symbolic figure of the person who submitted to the directives passed by Arkonia's Konvent.

On the 85th anniversary of the solemn sacrifice of loyalty to the society's ideals made by the Warsaw corporants, Polish academic corporations recall and honor them with a commemorative plaque to be unveiled during the 48th Baltic Nations Kommers in the presence of corporants from Estonia, Latvia and Germany. The plaque is to be installed on the building by the Royal Castle Square in Warsaw where Szczepan Olchowicz died.